• Address:  Rua do Porto 22, Centro - Ilha de Boipeba, Cairu, Bahia, Brazil
  • Phone:  +5575992622686

We offer you an remarkable and peaceful experience by the sea

We offer you an remarkable and peaceful experience by the sea

Nestling in the paradise island of Boipeba, specifically in an area known as Boca da Barra beach, Pérola do Atlântico is a great choice for holidaying with friends, children, and even pets. We accept specially large families and also groups of friends.

We are located really near to the village center, about 8 minutes away from the central square.

Our structure includes - in addition to the rooms - an outdoor kitchen, wooden lounge, an extensive green area and one kennel for our four-legged helpers who fill the atmosphere with love.

 Breakfast in portuguese is named "Morning Coffee". Did you know that?

With a mission to nourish the Bahia roots of the earth beneath our grass and at the same time bloom and radiate life on the surface, we offer a vegetarian breakfast with local ingredients, avoiding plastic and other non-recyclable waste.

Languages, activities, warnings (don't be a jerk)

Besides Portuguese we use English, Spanish, German and every thinkable means to understand our guests, thus being prepared to accommodate foreigners of any origin. It will not be uncommon to come across and even participate in a luau (stands for guitar playing by the water at night) or meeting on the shore, but please remember we have specific rules of silence after 11pm.

We embrace diversity, therefore, prejudice and offensive manifestations of any kind are expressly prohibited within our sanctuary!

Por favor means "please"...

One last request to all of you who got here: be respectful to our animals when you arrive. They were raised with loving care and attention by our team, and the only animal risk here is the one where you fall.. in love with them :)


(short version: just book us. You won't regret)